About Us

Who We Are

Audiological Science has been in practice for nearly 22 years in the local community. We are accredited to provide NHS hearing aids and NHS earwax removal for patients registered to the GP practices in the borough of Barnet. We also specialise in state-of the-art private hearing aid solutions.

NHS Hearing Services

Patients who would like to use our NHS services may need a referral from their GP. If you are an existing NHS hearing aid user; you may be able to access out services without a referral, please contact a member of our team to find out if you need a referral or if you can visit us without a referral.

Private Services

Patients who would like to use our Private services need to contact us on our company number and speak to our representatives to be booked in for a consultation. We offer ear wax removal & hearing assessment services as well as a wider range of powerful, customisable & hi-tech hearing solutions for customer purchase.

First class aftercare

Our aftercare program is second to none. We make appointments for our patients twice yearly to make sure you get the most from your hearing aids

Below market pricing

We regularly check the markets pricing to ensure our pricing is lower so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value

Premium products

We only dispense premium products so you can be sure you are receiving only the latest in hearing aid technology