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Amplifon Range - Consumer Advisory

Amplifon is a UK hearing aid retailer.  Their current 'Ampli' range is a series of instruments made by hearing aid manufacturers which are then rebranded under the Amplifon brand e.g. their 'Ampli Connect' model is actually made by the manufacturer 'Resound' using feature reduced technology from the 'Resound ONE' range

Buying Rebranded Hearing Aids

Case Study: Amplifon's Ampli-Connect Model

You may have had a good or bad experience if you have visited Amplifon. The intention of this article is not to review Amplifon branches, their service or their audiologists. 


As an independent provider, our only intention here is to highlight any pitfalls in purchasing rebranded instruments, and the importance of making price comparisons to ensure you do not overpay.


Buy the Full-featured version, not the rebranded version with lesser features:


Using the example of Amplifon's  Ampli-connect model, the consumer needs to know that the technology is produced by the manufacturer 'Resound'. The Ampli-connect model is based on the 'Resound Omnia' model but, crucially, there are important features that have not been included in the Ampli-connect. This includes a unique, revolutionary feature called the 'M&RIE'. This stands for Microphone-and-Receiver-in-the-ear. Until now, no other instrument has been able to add the microphone within the ear on this type of hearing aid. This gives considerable extra benefit for the user and so the consumer would be advised to source the original Resound version that contains the full feature set, including the revolutionary M&RIE feature. For more detail on why the MRIE feature is so crucial to the overall performance, please see the promo video on the right. 

We have spoken to Resound and they have insisted that they reserve the full feature set for products sold in their name only. Their products sold under different brand names (e.g. Ampli-connect) will not receive their full feature set. Protecting their brand name in this way is the typical practice found in other industries too.



Buy at the right price:


Our price for the Resound Omnia is significantly lower than the Ampli-Connect price so you would receive a more feature-rich version of the technology, all at our lower price ! See our Resound range here

Our top of the range Resound Omnia is only £2990 !


Importance of seeking Independent Advice:


The Ampli-connect model produced by Resound is one of 8 premium manufacturers that produce high quality hearing aids with Bluetooth Connectivity / Rechargeable Technology.

The consumer is advised to seek independent advice to ensure they receive the best model possible within their budget.


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