How would you fit a power hearing aid to a child?

Children’s Hearing Aids When I started fitting hearing instruments to children, almost 25 years ago, I felt excited by the challenge of helping them and their families and addressing their concerns about the future. Especially with the first hearing aid fitting, right after the diagnosis has been made, the family is trusting in their new […]

Oticon Opn a new kind of hearing aid

Oticon Opn Hearing Aid Traditional Hearing Aid Technology If you currently wear hearing aids you know exactly what traditional hearing aid technology means. You’re sitting around a dinner table where the discussion is flowing from one side of the table to the other and all your concentration is spent trying to follow the thread.  You […]

What is ‘Best Practice’ in Hearing Care?

For Hearing Aids It is not enough for a practice to state that they are ‘the best, ‘the finest’, ‘leading’ etc. The modern consumer is discerning. Modern consumers expect to see a clear itemisation of why some practices offer more than others. Audiological Science Ltd uses fully trained HCPC accredited audiologists. Below we list the key elements […]

Invisible Hearing Aids

Quality Hearing Aids Get The Latest Invisible hearing Aids We are leading experts in providing the smallest, invisible instruments including Nano / Micro technology, Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) models. Phonak The Phonak Venture Nano is the latest Nano invisible hearing aid from Phonak. Phonak say that it is the perfect combination of hearing performance and […]

Boots Expensive Hearing Aids

BOOTS HEARING AIDS? We regularly price check our competitors. Today, we checked the current price at Boots for their latest Premium product – Phonak V-90 hearing aid. The price was staggering! For one Phonak V90 hearing aid Boots will charge £2395. Our price for the exact same model is £1250. The price for a pair of Phonak V90 hearing aids […]