The only 5-star Ear Wax Removal Service in London

Benefits of our Unique Ear Wax Removal Service

We offer our private patients the most extensive ear wax removal service available today. The vast majority of ear wax services offer a partial and incomplete service only. Our audiologists provide the highest level of patient care with a comprehensive service that offers more features than any other service in London.

Feel confident in the knowledge that when you leave your ear wax removal appointment, you will have completed all the assessments and treatments necessary – in a truly comprehensive service. Additionally, we provide you with proof of your wax removal via images from our video otoscopes. If the source of your hearing loss is not the result of wax we can refer you to our in-house Audiological Physician* who can assess and diagnose for any other medical conditions that may be reducing your hearing. Each patient will be handed a bespoke self-care plan to reduce or eliminate future excessive build-up of wax.

Appointments Available Within 4 hours Of Calling Us!

We know that you want this problem sorted out quickly. We are always well-staffed to ensure you receive a same-day appointment with our 4-hour promise.

Free Parking - moments away from our clinic

All our centres have parking moments away, paid for by us. Please mention your requirement for a parking space to our receptionist on booking an appointment.

Full Explanation of the Procedure with
Q & A session

This may be your first microsuction appointment. We want to answer all your questions and then demonstrate exactly how we use our state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove wax quickly and comfortably.

Detailed History Taking

An essential task before undertaking any healthcare treatment.

Video Otoscopy Before & After

Do you wonder how much wax is actually in your ear? Our in-ear camera (video otoscope) will show you this on-screen. Once the wax is removed we can show you the cleared path for sound to travel to your eardrum, restoring your hearing immediately.

Tympanometry Diagnostic Test

This is a further diagnostic test to assess the health of the ear and to assist in the diagnosis of non-ear wax related conditions. Some conditions seem like they are wax related to the patient, but a full assessment with Tympanometry can reveal the presence of an entirely different condition that needs to be managed. Tympanometry is a very safe, objective test of middle-ear function.

In-house medical referral where necessary

Sometimes the problem is not wax but another medical condition e.g ear infection, ear discharge. Some of these conditions have the same symptoms as ear wax e.g. hearing loss, feeling of blockage etc. We are able to refer you in-house, where medical treatment is required. Our in-house Audiological Physician is available to diagnose and treat other conditions where necessary*

Microsuction both ears
(trusted by The NHS)

We have carried out over 2500 ear wax removal sessions in the last 12 months. The NHS refer their patients to us as a Trusted Provider that meets their stringent healthcare standards. We were one of the first hearing centres in London to practice Microsuction ear wax removal. Our experience and standards are second to none.

Inclusive Follow-up Appointment where necessary

Occasionally wax is too hard and impacted to suction. A short course of olive oil ear drops may be required to soften the wax in preparation for a follow-up appointment. Our consultation fee includes unlimited repeat visits until excessive ear wax is removed.

Hearing Test

No audiological treatment is complete without the testing of the patient’s hearing. Regular routine hearing checks are recommended and we provide this with all our ear wax removal appointments

Bespoke Self-Care Plan

After the assessment and treatment, we will be in a position to provide you with a bespoke self-care plan to ensure repeat visits are minimised, or eliminated.

Proactive Appointment reminders.

Some patients need regular ear wax removal eg. every 6 months. If so, we will send you reminders so that wax is removed before it builds up to excessive levels.

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*This applies to patients being seen at our London Neuro-Otology Centre. Although the Centre’s activities are fully integrated, appointments with in-house Audiological Physicians are transacted under a separate Company and not under ‘Audiological Science Ltd’.