Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon is one of the hearing industries leading brands. They have provided and developed market solutions that improve the lives of people with hearing difficulties. Established in 1946 and with links across more than 70 countries, Bernafon has helped millions of people to hear.

Bernafon's Top Hearing AID Benefits

Speech Clarity

Dynamic Speech Processing™ Hear speech in new clarity with our new Benefon range.

Listener Comfort

Listen in Comfort with the new Transient Noise Reduction technology which reduces loud and abrasive noise.

Noise Cancellation

Dynamic Noise Management™ Removes background noise while maintaining speech clarity.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Zerena 9

Bernafon’s Zerena 9 IIC (In The Ear Canal) delivers premium hearing technology. The tiny IIC produces quality sound in the most difficult listening situations.

The Zerena 9 uses Bernafon’s ChannelFree™ technology, which transitions easily between listening environments. Enjoy public spaces even more with the increased background noise filter capabilities & enhanced speech clarity.

  • Dynamic Speech Processing™
  • Dynamic Noise Management™
  • Improved Speech Clarity
  • Bernafon's Smallest IIC

RITC Hearing Aids

Bernafon RITC VIron 9

Viron 9

One of the best performing hearing aid in the Bernafon range. Delivering an impressive sound that is suitable for a wide range of hearing losses.

The Viron 9 uses Dynamic Environmental Control to easily adjust from one listening environment to another.

Integrate your hearing aids via bluetooth with devices around your home. The Viron 9 also offers rechargeable capabilities! 

  • Rechargeable Technology
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Improved Speech Clarity
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction

Stay Connected with the

Enjoy using your smart phone even more with the integrated hands free function. Delight in the increased speech clarity in this latest Benafon model. It minimises background noise, making talking on the phone a stress-free, enjoyable experience!

bernafon hearing aid app on your smart phone
bernafon viron rechargeable hearing aid


Gone is the need for the fiddly task of replacing hearing aid batteries. Bernafon’s rechargeable hearing aids are ideal for people with dexterity issues. Once fully charged over-night the new lithium-ion battery will last the whole day & night!

Hearing Aid

These tiny Invisible-in-canal (IIC) are smaller than a fingernail, providing a very natural and clear sound. The technology inside the hearing aid can reduce background noise automatically allowing you to hear speech more clearly.


Your Ear Canal

The Zerena 9 IIC sits snugly within your ear canal. Its inconspicuous, comfortable and lightweight – you’ll likely forget you’re wearing one!

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