Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn Hearing Aids


Oticon has delivered a powerhouse hearing aid with the release of the Opn™. Featuring Oticons new platform, Velox™. This new platform dramatically improves processing time, increasing the“Inium Sense” processing time by 50 times!


Oticon has increased the number of channels to 64 to give you more frequency control. The Opn intelligently scans the listening environment at more than a 100x per second adjusting your hearing aids to deliver the best listening experience. With the increased power delivered by the Velox platform Oticon’s Opn reduces listener effort, improving the listener’s ability to recall conversations.


Oticon Opn™ miniRITE is purpose built to directly connect to an iPhone or other iOs Mac products, with no need for any other connectivity devices. The Opn can also be paired directly with your smart TV, delivering high quality sound directly to your hearing aids.

Oticon Technical Highlights

Developments of Oticon Opn

Oticon has developed the ON app that integrates the Opn hearing aid with the “If This, Then That” Platform (IFTTT). The platform allows users to incorporate their Opn hearing aid with a wide range of smart devices. The explosion of new smart devices for your home in recent years means that via the IFTTT  you can control your smart ready devices. Such as doorbells, light controls, home alarm, smart thermostats, smart TVs & increased functionality on your smartphone. Want to know how to set it up – talk to one of our audiologists at one of our clinics!

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Oticon Opn's New Features

Opn Technologies

BrainHearing from Oticon revolutionises how you hear through your hearing aid. This new technology can Oticon has developed a 360° listening, instead of previously where hearing aids only picked up sound from the direction you were facing. BrainHearing by Oticon now replicates the way the human ear hears sound, delivering excellent speech clarity that reduces listener effort by automatically reducing background noise.