Resound Product Range

ReSound were the first company to see the benefit of integrating your smartphone with your hearing aid. They delivered the first made-for-iPhone hearing aids. Resound also spearheaded the use of wireless technology in hearing aids, showing their long trend in innovating hearing aid technologies.

In 2018 Resound released their latest chip that powers the Quattro hearing aid range. Compared to the previous generation the latest chip has doubled in speed with an increase of 30% computing power & a wireless receiver that consumes 20% less power to stream audio. Further developments to speech clarity and background noise technologies increasing listener comfort.

Resound is the leading brand for GN Hearing, one of the largest manufacturers of industry-leading hearing aids, headquartered in Denmark, established in 1869 and with distributors in over 100 countries Resound are an excellent choice for cutting edge hearing aid technology.

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ReSound One hearing aids

The Resound One is the latest hearing aid in Resound’s range, superseding the  Linx Quattro range, The One hearing aids offer the wearer the ability to customise their hearing aids to their specific hearing needs, delivering natural richer sounds, with the bonus of an additional hearing aid inside the ear! Resound have overhauled the shape of their new range offering a more ergonomic shape that fits the user’s ear more comfortably.


Resound One hearing aids use “All Access Directionality” that intelligently learns from the listening habits of the user and filters out large amounts of background noise. Listening is further improved by Resound’s All Access Directionality which additionally filters background noise and also improves on speech clarity.

Resound Assist Live allows one of our audiologists to remote connect to your hearing aids to assist with your hearing aid needs!

ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids

Resound’s hearing aid range, the LiNX Quattro hearing aids allow you to stream directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids. The Linx Quattro is powered by their Smart Hearing technology, delivering double the processing speed, an increase to the internal computing power of 30% and 20% decrease in energy consumption (compared with the previous generation of hearing aids).


The hearing aids delivers a wider frequency range than previous models, reduces audio lag time and a boosted wireless signal that increases the overall performance of the hearing aids and the how the hearing aid user is able to locate where sounds are emanating from. The Linx Quattro hearing aids are now available in a rechargeable option that lasts all day on a full charge even when streaming audio from your favourite home devices. 

ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids

Resound’s LiNX 3d range, The LiNX 3D offers premium features such as increased speech clarity and intelligent background noise reduction.

The hearing aids can be used straight away with your iPhone as well as accessories that allow you to integrate your hearing aid with android devices. The Linx 3D can be fully integrated with the Resound Smart 3D app, that allows one of our audiologists at Audiological Science to offer remote service for your hearing aids. Want to know how? One of our audiologists is on hand to get you started and show you how. Click here to book an appointment.

Resound Enzo hearing aids

The Resound ENZO hearing aids are the previous generation to the LiNX range but offer amazing sound quality from a highly refined hearing aid. The Resound ENZO 3D model uses the Binaural Directionality III technology that increases the user’s ability to locate sounds increasing their overall spatial awareness. The ENZO hearing aid range delivers increased levels of high amplification without any feedback.The ENZO 3D also features an earwax, dust & water resistance coating that helps to further protect your hearing aids

Resound Technology

ReSound Smart 3D app

The Resound Smart 3D app gives you remote control over you hearing aids. You can control the full range of volume settings. You can also control environmental settings, creating geo-specific environment settings that take the hassle out of adjusting your hearing aids when you’re on the go!

ReSound Assist

The ReSound Assist functions are ideal for people who can’t always get to one of our clinics. One of our Audiologists can remotely access the settings of your hearing aid allowing for remote adjustments without you ever leaving your home.

Binaural Directionality III

Binaural Directionality allows the user to experience sounds multi-directional sounds mimicking how the human ear receives sound. This allows the user to have a greater sense of spatial awareness by identifying the direction of sounds. The integration of 2.4 GHz technology within the hearing aid allows for signals to be transmitted over long distances without the need for a neck-worn hearing aid relay.

Wind reduction Features

Resound has developed their audio clean technology that reduces wind reduction & feedback that allows users to enjoy an easier listening experience by reducing background noise and increasing speech clarity.

Tinnitus reduction technology

The latest resound hearing aids also features Tinnitus Treatment Technology which uses scientifically proven treatments that one of our Audiologists can incorporate into your bespoke tinnitus management plan.

Resound Accessories

Resound offers a full range of wireless hearing aid accessories that allow you to use your hearing aids with your home technologies. Integrate your tv, smartphone & phone, to find out what accessories best fit your needs and hearing aid model book a hearing consultation today here.