Starkey Livio AI Hearing Aids

What makes Livio™ AI hearing aids so revolutionary?
The answer is embedded sensors and artificial intelligence.
Using artificial intelligence enables hearing aids to perform
tasks that normally require human intelligence.

Livio AI R

Product Review

  • 4 years guarantee.

  • Rechargeable version is an additional £150 per aid.

  • 60 days money back guarantee

  • 4 years warranty included

Style : RIC (Receive-In-Canal)


Users can conveniently troubleshoot hearing aid and accessory issues and ask a question like, “How do I customise my hearing aid settings?”

• Translates up to 27 languages

• User’s speech is translated and displayed on their phone screen via the Thrive app

• The other speaker’s speech is translated both on screen and streamed to user’s hearing aids

• Closed captioning for real-world situations

• Transcribes conversations that the user can see on their smartphone screen

• Provides option to save, message, copy or email the transcribed text

• Provides a quick, convenient way for patients to analyse their hearing aid system’s performance

• Patient-initiated diagnostic ensures optimal performance of system components, including microphones, receiver, circuit and sensors

• Adjustment request lets hearing professional determine if device has a functional issue

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