Invisible Hearing aids

The products listed below, are all premium, discreet hearing aid technology.

Sound Imaging – 24
Bandwith – 10kHz
Speech Optimisation
Tinnitus Technology – Multiflex Tinnitus Technology ​

Soundlens Synergy iQ

SoundLens Synergy iQ is the most advanced technology available in our most popular invisible hearing solution. The world’s smallest, most comfortable custom-fit invisible-in-the-canal hearing aids are loaded with advanced features for immersive listening and pristine sound. While maintaining the power of Starkey Sound™, our wireless solutions give you the ability to stream TV, music and much more.

Rechargeable Technology

Spatial Sound™ LX

Transient Noise Management – 4 Configurations

Tinnitus SoundSupport™

Oticon OPN 1 IIC​

Made to fit your ear precisely, Opn in-the-ear hearing aids are the ultimate in personalized hearing care — a perfect blend of elegant design, superior comfort and unparalleled sound quality.

Number of channels – 17
Binaural Environmental Optimizer II
Low Frequency Boost (Only UP)
Tinnitus Sound Generator
Direct audio streaming

ReSound LiNX Quattro 9 CIC​

ReSound LiNX 3D features our latest directional technology that mimics how ears naturally process sound, so users get the best balance of sound in all environments.

7 Listening environments
Sound Conductor
SpeechZone 2
Powered by Tempus​

Unitron Insera (ITE)​

Hearing aids placed inside the ear, custom-made to best fit each client. 

Processing & fine-tuning channels –15 Programs
Focus Mode
TruSound Softener
Noise Reduction

Widex UNIQUE 440

UNIQUE is like no other hearing aid – packed with features, including 4 A/D converters with incredibly wide input, a sound classifier for intelligent listening and the Wind Noise Attenuation system that provides dramatically reduced wind noise.

Insio IIC NX

OVP (Own Voice Processing)
3D classifier
Hearing programs – 6
HS spatial
Extended dynamic range

Signia NX​

Signia Nx, the most advanced soundscape processing in the industry, delivers unsurpassed first fit acceptance by combining uncompromised audibility with a natural sounding own voice.