PRIvate hearing AIDS RANGE

Invisible Hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids are custom built to sit imperceptibly but securely within the ear canal. 

Nobody will know that you’re using a hearing device.

See our range of premium invisible hearing devices.

Women with invisible hearing aid

Rechargeable Hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids provide a convenient hearing aid . 

No more need to buy batteries. No more  replacing  fiddly, tiny batteries. No need to worry about losing power whilst away from your battery supplies.  Charge overnight and enjoy power for around 24 hours !

Connect to your devices

We are more connected in today’s world than ever before, so why should your hearing solutions be any different?

Bringing your hearing aid choice into the modern & ever connected world. 

Stream sound directly and wirelessly from your mobile phone, landline phone, laptop or TV.  Control your hearing aids settings and options via Mobile Phone App.  Ask us to remotely adjust your hearing aids via the App.  Use your phone as a remote microphone. 

The options are expanding – be a part of this revolutionary technology. 

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