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4.8 / 5

My experience at Audiological Science trying out and purchasing Resound Linx9 hearing aids was fantastic. Coming from a family of over 15 members deaf and hearing impaired, I have a lot of experience with audiologist and hearing aids and equipment. My hearing loss is moderate to severe. Never having gone private before, this was my first experience.
I found the service friendly, professional and understanding. Allan Aaronson was able to understand my disappointment with all my previous NHS hearing aids.

I was fitted with the Resound Linx9 hearing aids; my wife of 24 years was present as my hearing loss doesn’t only affect my life, but hers also. I felt like a doubting Thomas because I didn’t want to be disappointed again. But from the moment they were fitted, we were filled with joy; my hearing was completely restored, which has transformed my life and that of my family and friends.

I am now able to hear my children talking in the back seat of the car I am driving, birds singing, crunching of leaves under my feet when walking, telephone conversations, TV, music, conversations with friends even in a pub setting etc. All of these without distortions. And silence is silence without buzzing now.

Allan helped us get the best deal on the hearing aids; it is a lot of money to spend when you go private, but affordable at their prices and most definitely worth it.

The aftercare I already experienced has been second to none, and I would highlight the use of the word ‘care’.

I am an extremely satisfied customer and I could not recommend them enough

Matthew Guest

I felt disillusioned with the NHS and the choice offered at other private practices so it was great to meet Alan who gave independent advice on several makes of hearing aid. I was very impressed with the ReSound and have not been disappointed. Any minor problem i’ve had Alan is very quick to fix in an understanding and compassionate manner. Alan and his team always offer exemplary service and I would highly recommend them.

Lesley Ward

Great alternative to the high street. Unbeatable prices, personal service and flexible locations.

Roger Attard

A life changing experience after many years of moderate to severe hearing loss. This certainly has effected my response to speech and probably music as well. Being a musician I learnt a great deal and I am confident that more continued use will cause me to adapt my life to new situations. The tests, fitting and introduction to the equipment was superb.

David Gray

In June 2016 I purchased two Resound Linx 2/9 behind the ear hearing aids from Alan Aaronson.. These are wireless aids and Alan demonstrated them to me also using an I phone. I was not into hi tech but was won over by the performance of these aids and on returning home I bought an Apple I-phone the following day. Any adjustments are now made via the I phone and the hearing aids stay in situ. There was no pressure to buy and they came fully guaranteed ( 3 yrs)and on a 60 day money back trial. The Resounds are top of the range and are about the best on the market , far superior to other leading makes and I have been wearing aids for the past 33 years. With the lower price and good professional service and expertise I can fully recommend Alan and his firm.

Brian Berry

Great service and a good price my Oticon Opn hearing aids are the best aids I have ever had. Music sounds as I rember when my hearing was good. Alan is very helpful and has a great after sales service

Richard King

I spent a lot of time considering various technologies and providers to help me with my hearing problems. Many provided good service but at hugely inflated prices while others offered more reasonable costs but with limited options and impersonal service. I am delighted that I continued to research so well as it meant I eventually found Alan Aaronson at Audiological Science. He was excellent; offering knowledgeable and personal service while beating all others on price. I am delighted with my hearing aid and the service I have received from Alan.

Alistair Watson

Bought a hearing aid from Alan earlier this year. I just wanted to say that it has changed my life so much for the better after being deaf for 50 years. Technology has improved so much since I last purchased an aid and Alan offered great prices and great service. I am using an Oticon aid that fits right inside my ear and it is extremely discreet and very comfortable to wear. Thank you!

Sally McCann


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