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All Clinic Opening Times:
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Oticon Opn S 1

£1,495 Price For Pair: £3095

Style: Behind the Ear

Fitting Styles: RIC

Model: Opn S1

5-year Warranty Included

5 Star Technology Rating

5 stars



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Oticon Opn S 1 miniRITE / miniRITE-R / miniRITE-T / BTE PP Hearing Aids

The Opn S develops the improvements made by the previous Opn model. Oticon goal with the Opn range is to develop hearing aids that allow people with hearing loss to be able to understand speech “on par with people with normal hearing”, including the most challenging and noisy listening environments.


The release of the Opn S in 2019 this has taken another leap forward in technology. The new range has been specially made for iPhone users! The Opn S model range is a complete revamp on the older Opn 1 series. The new technology inside your hearing aid is now powered by a new processing chip the Velox S. The main improvements are:


  • 15% improvement in speech understanding versus Opn.
  • 10% reduction in listening effort versus Opn.
  • 10% increase in memory recall versus Opn.


The Opn S is the top model of hearing aid available from Oticon, the S denotes the newer model of hearing aid, as opposed to the previous Opn model. With the Opn S Oticon have refined and added to the impressive list of features now available.


Latest Features

  • Rechargeability via the in-built lithium-ion battery – lasts all day!
  • Enhanced feedback reduction.
  • Re-vamped Oticon On App with smart integration and a host of new features.
  • Made for iPhone.
  • ConnectClip integration with any smartphone.
  • Oticon TV adapter for improved viewing experience.
  • Improved background noise reduction.
  • Improved speech clarity.


Opn S Technologies

  • BrainHearing from Oticon revolutionises how you hear through your hearing aid. This new technology can Oticon has developed a 360° listening, instead of previously where hearing aids only picked up sound from the direction you were facing. BrainHearing by Oticon now replicates the way the human ear hears sound, delivering excellent speech clarity that reduces listener effort by automatically reducing background noise.
  • Speech Rescue LX – extracts the correct frequencies to allow increased speech clarity. 
  • OpenSound Optimizer – provides optimal gain by interpreting different listening environments, then it automatically adjusts the amplification levels. Oticon says it also eliminates feedback 


The Opn aids have a range of compatible hearing aid accessories that transfer audio from your smartphone, TV or other Bluetooth enabled device directly to your hearing aids. Oticon has also improved the ability and convenience of controlling your hearing aid with its smartphone app, allowing you to seamlessly control Bluetooth settings and hearing aid programmes.



There are four Oticon Opn S Hearing Aid models. The 

Opn S MiniRITE is a receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid powered by a size-312 battery, 

Opn S MiniRITE T adds a telecoil. 

The Opn S MiniRITE R is also a RIC with a T-coil but is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. 

Opn S BTE PP is a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid with a T-coil; it is powered by size-13 batteries, it helps those with more severe hearing loss.


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