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All Clinic Opening Times:
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Phonak Belong B70

£1,245 Price For Pair: £2145

Style: Behind the Ear and In the Ear

Fitting Styles: RIC, BTE, ITC, ITE, CIC, MC, SP

Model: B70

5 Year Warranty Included

4 Star Technology Rating
4 Star



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Phonak Belong B70 Audeo / Virto / Bolero Hearing Aids

The Phonak B-Direct has the same features as the Belong Audeo B70 with added wireless streamless capabilities. The B-direct is able to stream audio to your hearing aid without the need for an extra device.

Comparing the B90 & B70

Audeo B70 is the second model in the Belong range, see the model above the B90 here.

  • AutoSense audio environment setting: B70 – four settings  Calm Situation, Speech in Noise, Comfort in Noise and Music |  B90 – seven setting  + speech in Loud Noise, Speech in Car and Comfort in Echo
  • B70 Noise reduction 4 stars | B90 Noise reductions 5 stars (better in loud environments)
  • B70 does not have Comfort in Echo, their Echostop feature that removes echo’s and the reverberation of sound, delivering greater speech clarity.
  •  setting
  • B70 16 channels | B90 20 channels
  • B70 can’t have Speech in Wind or Comfort in Echo programs 


The Phonak Mini-charger is a great accessory for the rechargeable  Belong models, allowing you to wirelessly charge on the go.

The Phonak Mini-charger comes included with any of the rechargeable models. It looks nice, does the job well and is all you need. They also do a

Upgrade to the Phonak Charger Case which combines a multi-function charger, drying kit and hard carry case. The Phonak Charging Case can be connected to the Phonak Power Pack that allows for 7 full charges, extremely useful for your travels or people on the go!


Belong range:

  • Audéo B-10 – Smallest in the range – size 10 battery.
  • Audéo B-312 – Use standard 312 battery.
  • Audéo B-312T – Integrated telecoil (“T”) Also uses a 312 battery.
  • Audéo B-13 –  Largest in the range, uses size 13 battery and has a volume control.
  • Audéo B-R – Rechargeable model.


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Technology Rating

4 Star

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