All Clinic Opening Times:
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All Clinic Opening Times:
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Phonak Marvel 2.0 | Audeo | M70 | M70-R | Naida | Virto Black

£1,245 Price For Pair: £2145

Style: Behind the Ear & In the Ear

Fitting Styles: BTE IIC

Model:  Marvel 2.0 | Audeo | M70 | M70-R | Naida | Virto Black

5 Year Warranty Included.

4 Star Technology Rating

4 Star



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About the Phonak Marvel Audeo M70

The M70 is the second model in the range from Phonal Marvel hearing aids. On the outside, it looks like the M90, with the same shape and colour options. The differences between the models can be found within the functionality of the hearing aid and the reduced price compared to the Marvel M90.


The M70 features

  • 16 channels
  • 6 environment that Autosense can automatically switch between settings
  • 3 Manual programmes (standard for the whole Marvel range)
  • Full Bluetooth Connectivity (standard for the whole Marvel range


Main differences M90 to the M70:

M90 9 Environmental setting (speech in loud noise, speech in car, comfort in echo)

M70 6 Environmental settings 

M70 has an inferior background noise reduction capabilities and does not offer echo-filtering technology does not feature in the M70 at all. 

If you don’t frequent noise places or do not struggle to hear while travelling in a car then the M70 may be for you


Similarities between M70 & M90

  • Bluetooth Connectivity is standard across the whole marvel range
  • Rechrgeability – the lithium-ion battery performs just as well in the M90-R as the M70-R
  • ThemyPhonak app for your smartphone perform the same in the M90 & M70
  • The M70 performs similarly in quiet listening environments compared to the M90


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