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All Clinic Opening Times:
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Resound ONE 9 / M&RIE Hearing Aids

£1,495 Price For Pair: £2795

Behind the Ear
Fitting Styles: RIC

5 Year Warranty Included. Rechargeable version is an additional £50 per aid.

Manufacturer: ReSound
Model: ONE 9
Style: Behind the Ear

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Resound ONE 9 Hearing Aids

The Resound One is the latest hearing aid in Resound’s range, superseding the  Linx Quattro range, The One hearing aids offer the wearer the ability to customise their hearing aids to their specific hearing needs, delivering natural richer sounds, with the bonus of an additional hearing aid inside the ear!

Resound have overhauled the shape if their new range offering a more ergonomic shape that fits the user’s ear more comfortably. Resound One hearing aids use “All Acess Directionality” that intelligently learns from the listening habits of the user and filters out large amounts of background noise. Listening is further improved by Resound’s All Acess Directionality which additionally filters background noise and also improved on speech clarity. Resound Assist Live allows one of our audiologists to remote connect to your hearing aids to assist with your hearing aid needs.

Resound ONE 9 M&RIE

Resound’s latest hearing aid provides clear, natural sound. Their use of a Microphone & receiver that sits within the ear allows you better spatial sense. Additionally, the in-the-ear microphone picks up sound in a similar way to your ear, reducing wind noise and providing a more natural sound.

Resound ONE 9 Connectivity:

The One Range offers excellent connectivity to your smart devices. Connect to multiple Bluetooth devices, such as your smart-tv & smart-phone.

Resound ONE 9 Rechargeability:

The ONE range offers a new hearing aid charger to accompany the new One rechargeable hearing aids. The charger can hold up to 3 days of charging, so charging your aids on-the-go is now easier than ever – even on long trips! Resound’s Smart 3d app also allows you to monitor how much charge is left on your battery.

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