Starkey Soundlens Hearing Aids

At the forefront of our research and development, and in collaboration with virtual reality researchers and developers, Acuity Immersion offers a unique advantage for SoundLens Synergy iQ. The small hardware provides our algorithm with natural cues needed for spatial awareness — restoring the wearer’s sense of presence and connection to their world.

Soundlens iQ

Product Review

  • 4 years guarantee.

  • Rechargeable version is an additional £150 per aid.

  • 60 days money back guarantee

  • 4 years warranty included

Style : IIC(Invisible-In the-Canal)


 • Accesses a broad frequency range for the externalised perception of sound

• Takes advantage of microphone placement to aid with high frequency  information for improved sound quality and environmental awareness

 • Works in conjunction with Acuity Voice to reduce circuit noise over a
wider range of input levels providing a high-fidelity listening experience
regardless of the level of background noise

• Gives situational, rather than numeric, memory indicators for a long list
of patient activities (restaurant, home, etc.)

 • Offers increased dB even if one channel hits its max, allowing users
to receive expected volume gains

First class aftercare

Our aftercare program is second to none. We make appointments for our patients twice yearly to make sure you get the most from your hearing aids

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We regularly check the markets pricing to ensure our pricing is lower so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value

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