Hearing Aids

Our goal is to revolutionize the entire hearing care journey – and we do this, with the FLEX™ experience.

We believe the world would be a better place if people felt really good about the entire hearing care experience. Providing an exceptional product is just the beginning.


Why Unitron.

Real-world assessment​

New or repeat wearers have the freedom to try great sounding hearing instruments in the places they spend time, every day. All without the pressure of making a decision or a financial commitment.

The FLEX™ experience​

Our FLEX™ experience is a stand-out solution that delivers the most flexible, empowering, and easy hearing care experience.

Ready for the future​

Change is constant. Our open platform approach provides the unique opportunity to upgrade technology levels at any time during the lifespan of the existing hearing solution hardware.

7 Listening environments
Sound Conductor
Speech Focus
Streaming environments –

Unitron Discover 9

Hearing instruments that use a thin, plastic tube that extends from the hearing aid, over the outer ear, and into the ear canal. 

Unitron Insera (ITE)

Hearing aids placed inside the ear, custom-made to best fit each client. 

Insera IIC

7 Listening environments
Sound Conductor
SpeechZone 2
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