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Are Your Looking for a Discreet, Hidden Hearing Aid?
Invisible Hearing Aids

In recent years hearing aids have become so small they are now categorised as Invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids. These instruments sit comfortably within the ear canal, and cannot be seen by anyone. For those that require a discreet solution, hearing aids have never been so small and never been more hidden. 

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To produce invisible hearing aids, we take impressions of your ears and send them to the laboratory for production. Technicians custom-build your invisible hearing aids to comfortably fit the contours of your ear canal, whilst ensuring they sit in a hidden position. Use them for 60 days to ensure your satisfaction. 

Invisible Hearing Aids Prices From £500

Invisible hearing aid prices have come down considerably. Entry-level invisible hearing aids now start from £500 and premium technology starts from £975

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We offer independent advice - our recommendation will be based on your requirements and we will select the best instrument for your needs. We are not owned by a manufacturer or tied-in to any manufacturer. Independent advice is especially important with invisible hearing aids, since some models are smaller than others, and some manufacturers unfortunately drop too many features to get their hearing aid down in size.

Invisible, Hidden Hearing Aids.

Invisible Hearing Aids Features

Hidden Hearing Aids

Nobody will know you are wearing them ! Perfect for those that seek a discreet solution. Invisible-in-the-canal size.


Custom-built and tapered to comfortably fit the contours of your ear canal. Wear them all day, you will forget they are there! 

Premium Sound Clarity

Invisible hearing aids use nano-sized, micro sound processors that produce superb natural-sounding clarity.  Positioned inside the ear, so the ear can collect the whole sound environment, just as nature intended. 

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UK's Leading Invisible Hearing Aid Centres

Example 1 - Oticon Own Invisible and In-The-Ear sizes

Call Us for Independent Advice On the Most Suitable Model For You Tel - 020 8059 9645 

Example 2 - Oticon OPN IIC

Call Us for Independent Advice On the Most Suitable Model For You Tel - 0800 228 9019

Example 3 - Starkey Invisible Hearing AIds

Call Us for Independent Advice On the Most Suitable Model For You Tel - 0800 228 9019

Example 4 - Signia Invisible Hearing AIds

Call Us for Independent Advice On the Most Suitable Model For You Tel - 0800 228 9019

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Ask for Our Independent Advice On Invisible Hearing Aids
Which is the Best Invisible Hearing Aid?

Some invisible hearing aids are smaller than others. Some perform better than others. Some manufacturers have a good balance of both size and performance. The latest invisble hearing aids also have Bluetooth connectivity. There are also power considerations - some models are more suited for more severe hearing loss.

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Lowest UK Hearing Aid Prices
Unbeatable Hearing Aid Prices, Unrivalled Aftercare Service

We won't be beaten on price OR service. We regularly check that our prices are the lowest on the market.  Call us for a quote now. Prices include 5 year guarantee and free lifetime aftercare.

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Below Market Hearing Aid Prices
Our Hearing Aid Prices

Entry Levels Prices from £400

Mid-range from £610

Premium Models from £975

About Us

Premium Hearing Aid Service

Audiological Science has specialised in premium digital hearing aids since 1998.  We are now one of the largest independent suppliers of hearing aids in the UK with over 60 branches nationwide. Over 350 GPs refer to us regularly. 

Why Choose Us ?
  • We specialise in state-of-the-art hearing aid technology.

  • All our audiologists are well qualified and highly experienced.

  • We offer independent advice on hearing aid technology.

  • All purchases include free, high quality, lifetime aftercare.

  • Our prices are significantly below market prices. 

  • We include a 5 year guarantee with all our products

  • We offer free initial consultation / assessment

  • All hearing come with a 60 day trial.

  • We specialise in hearing aid connectivity, apps and streaming

  • Choose from 60 branches nationwide

  • Home visits and remote aftercare offered at no extra cost.

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