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Troubleshooting For NHS Hearing Aids

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Daily Care and Maintenance
  • Remove your hearing aids when applying cosmetics, perfume, aftershave, hair spray and suntan lotion as they may get into the hearing aid and cause damage.

  • Clean your hearing aids using a soft cloth, tissue or proper cleaning tools to remove earwax, grease or moisture. Do not use water or solvents as these can damage the hearing aids. 

  • Store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place when not in use and leave the battery drawer open to preserve battery power.

Regular Maintenance
  • Use a tissue or cloth to clean the tube and dome.

  • Do not use a direct source of water when you’re cleaning the receiver tubes or the receiver domes.

  • Contact your hearing care professional for replacement components when they become stiff, brittle or discolored.

Other Tips

Keep your hearing aid clean and dry:​

  • Never immerse hearing aids in water or other liquids or wear while showering, swimming, in heavy rain or in a moist atmosphere such as a steam bath or sauna.

  • Leave wet hearing aids to dry with the battery out and the battery door open.

  • Put the hearing aid and battery in a sealed container together with a drying agent (dessicator) overnight. Don’t use the hearing aids until completely dry.

  • Don’t leave your hearing aids in or near direct heat or sunlight.

  • Avoid rough handling of hearing aids or dropping them on hard surfaces or floors.

  • Read the instructions for your hearing aids or contact your hearing care provider for additional hearing aid maintenance instructions.

Hearing Aid Not Working

Possible remedy :

  • Ensure Device is Switched On

  • Replace battery 

  • Reinsert battery properly 

  • Clear Tube

  • Contact us if the above has not helped, and if you have checked your manual and seen the videos below.

Weak Hearing Aid
  • Change the battery

  • Raise the volume using volume control.

  • Clear the Tubes of wax or moisture

  • Contact us if the above has not helped, and if you have checked your manual and seen the videos below 

Excessive Whistling
  • Make sure the aid is inserted fully and properly

  • Get ear wax cleared in your ears if it is excessive. Contact us for advice on getting this done.

  • If whistling with telephone use then hold the phone away at a slight angle.

  • Contact us if the above has not helped, and if you have checked your manual and seen the videos below  

Changing Your Battery
  • Remove the used battery if present

  • Remove the sticker & insert the new battery into the hearing aid

  • Insert the new battery with the positive side facing upwards.

  • Close battery doors & wait for activation

Changing Your Hearing Aid Battery

Check out this great video

How To Insert Your Thin Tube Hearing Aid

  • Place the hearing instrument behind the ear.

  • Hold the thin tube where it bends & gently push the dome inside the ear canal

  • Push the dome far enough so that the thin tube lies flush against your skin

  • If the dome has been placed correctly you should not be able to see the thin tube when facing the mirror.

  • Do not continue if you experience paid or discomfort. Contact us to arrange a new fitting.


Inserting Your Thin Tube Hearing Aid

How To Clean Your Hearing Aid

  • Unscrew/remove tube

  • Insert tube cleaner through the tube ensuring all debris has been removed.

  • Reattach the tubes to your hearing aid.

  • Please view the video below that matches your hearing aid model


Cleaning Your NHS Resound Hearing Aid

Cleaning Your NHS Oticon or Bernafon Hearing Aid

Cleaning Your NHS Siemens Hearing Aid

Our NHS Hearing Aid and Ear Wax Removal Locations

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NHS Locations

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