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Professional Services Are Key To Hearing Aid Benefit.

Platinum Service Plan

Hearing loss can cause much frustration, social isolation and anxiety.
You may be considering a hearing aid solution, but you may feel unsure of where to go to receive a fully comprehensive service with independent advice.
Our Platinum Service Plan is second-to-none, ensuring you receive optimal benefits.  

Why Choose Us? See Features of Our Unique Platinum Service Plan Below.


Based at London's Centre of Excellence in Audiological Medicine

We provide professional, independent advice. We are not owned or tied in to any manufacturer like most of our competitors. Our flagship clinic is based at London's globally recognised Neuro-Otology Centre. We run four other centres around London. The service is led by Gladys Akinseye, Doctor of Audiology.

7 Year Guarantee, Free Lifetime Aftercare

Our fully inclusive 7 year-guarantee ensures that you have nothing to pay for 7 years. All professional services, all repairs, all batteries / filters are inclusive in our unique plan. An inclusive upgrade to rechargeable hearing aids is available with the Platinum service plan. We have got you covered for 7 years - one less thing to think about.

Inclusive Streamer, Spare Hearing Aids, De-humidifier

You will receive an inclusive streamer to ensure you maximise on the benefits from your hearing aids when using with TV, telephone, tablet and laptop.

We include a professional de-humidifier to ensure your hearing aids are well maintained and functioning well.

What happens if you need to service your hearing aids? We give you a complimentary spare par of basic hearing aids for you to keep in reserve.

Receiver Replacement Every 6 Months

This is a big one !

The receiver at the end of your hearing aid wire is exposed to much wax, sweat, dead skin and humidity. This will effect the mobility of the moving diaphragm in the receiver. Often it goes unnoticed, but performance is often significantly impaired. We will not take that chance. We change this receiver twice per year during your routine visits to us. This ensures peak performance all year.

Advanced Diagnostics and Hearing Aid Verification Measurement

Real Ear Measurements is a must for achieving best results. This technique ensures that the hearing aid is set up correctly for each individual, taking account of the unique acoustics of their ear canal. The improvement can be very significant.

Apart from standard hearing tests which involve listening for beeps and tones, we test speech intelligibility in quiet and in noise, since this is the main outcome aim. Speech tests give a far better understanding of your hearing problem in the real world, and guide us to the correct solutions.

We sometimes need conduct other tests including middle ear pressure assessments - tympanometry.

Inclusive Ear Wax Removal and Tinnitus Management. Audiological Medicine Service Integrated

No hearing aid service would be complete without ear wax removal. We use the latest microsuction technique which is safe, quick and comfortable.

For some patients, tinnitus can be troublesome. Our trained tinnitus professionals are available to provide evidence-based solutions to this problem.

If you need medical advice for your tinnitus then we are able to refer you in-house, to our Audiological Physician at the Centre of Neuro-otology, (Our Audiological Physician operates under a separate entity but clinically, we are fully integrated)

Personal Hearingcare Assistant, Personal Connectivty Assistant

In addition to your regular inclusive visits to your audiologist, we will also assign you :

  • Personal Hearing Care Assistant always available and at your service for all matters large or small.

  • Personal Connectivity Assistant to help with connectivity to your phone, TV, smart devices, including visits to your home to set up systems.

APP Remote Control, GPS and Remote Mic Set-Up

All our hearing aids can be set up with:

  • Apps to adjust and remote control your hearing aids from your smartphone

  • GPS locator - if you are not sure where you left your hearing aid the GPS finder will locate to within inches.

  • A remote mic can be left in adjacent rooms so sound can be picked up and beamed to your hearing aids wirelessly. Some of our clients use this to check on kids when babysitting !

Remote Consultations, Assistance via Zoom

Whilst you are always very welcome at our hearing centres, you may prefer to have your hearing aids adjusted remotely. All our hearing aids can be adjusted remotely from the comfort of your own home. The process is very simple. Similarly, if you prefer to have a chat with our audiologist or hearingcare assistant via Zoom or Skype then we can send you an appointment for a remote consultation.


NEW Service Feature - LACE

NEW Service Feature - LACE


Conceived by leading audiologists at the University of California in San Francisco and implemented by silicon valley software engineers, LACE Auditory Training retrains the brain to comprehend speech up to 40% better in difficult listening situations.

UK's Leading Hearing Centres - Locations

To arrange a trial or speak to an audiologist, call us now on 0800 228 9019, or submit the form below:

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