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Starkey Signature Series - The next “big” thing in better hearing

Introducing the Starkey Signature Series, delivering exceptional hearing performance in a discreet package. Starkey's Signature Series offers the smallest line of custom products yet, featuring three non-wireless custom hearing aids equipped with Starkey's award-winning Neuro Sound Technology: These advancements reflect Starkey's dedication to delivering intuitive, convenient, and patient-driven hearing products, ensuring that users receive the best possible hearing experience.

Make an impression by fitting the best small non-wireless hearing aids in the industry.

Choose from three different styles:

  • CIC R NW: The world’s smallest custom rechargeable hearing aid is also waterproof* and has up to a 38-hour battery life.

  • CIC NW: Not everyone wants rechargeable, but everyone wants a small device with amazing sound — and now you’ve got the best.

  • IIC NW: Nobody does invisible like Starkey. And no smallest-of-small hearing aid performs better than Signature Series IIC.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Virtually invisible: Starkey Signature Series rest comfortably inside your ear where people won’t see them.

  • Transparent sound: Neuro Sound Technology delivers sound the way the brain intended—clear and true to life.

  • Custom fit for you: No two ears are alike, which is why each hearing aid is fit to your unique hearing needs.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your hearing experience with Starkey's Signature Series. Contact us now to secure your pre-order!


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